Emanuele Frittaion

Email: emanuele.frittaion@uniud.it

Sito personale: sole.dimi.uniud.it/~emanuele.frittaion/

Breve curriculum

  • Graduate student in Mathematics, University of Udine
  • MSc with honor in Mathematics, University of Udine, 2010
  • BSc with honor in Mathematics, University of Udine, 2006

Attività di ricerca

My research interests are in the area of mathematical logic. I am particularly interested in reverse mathematics, computability and foundations of mathematics. The following is a list of my pubblications:
  • Emanuele Frittaion, Alberto Marcone. Reverse Mathematics and initial intervals. (Submitted, 2013). ArXiv
  • Emanuele Frittaion, Alberto Marcone. Linear extensions of partial orders and reverse mathematics. Math. Log. Quart. 58 , No 6 (2012). ArXiv

Aree di ricerca della matematica

  • Logica Matematica