Dimitri Breda

Professore associato
Email: dimitri.breda@uniud.it
Stanza: SN3
Telefono: +39 0432 558756

Sito personale: users.dimi.uniud.it/~dimitri.breda/

Breve curriculum

Dimitri Breda, born in Sacile (PN) on 9 october 1974, graduates in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Udine in 1998, joins industry until 2001 and then starts the Ph.D. program in Computational Mathematics at the University of Padova, defending his thesis in 2004. During 2003-2007 he is research fellow at the Unveirsity of Udine and Trieste and post-doc fellow at the University of Trento. Since 2007 he is assistant professor of Numerical Analysis at the Faculty of Science of the University of Udine and he is a member of the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science of the same University. In 2008 he is a member of the Organizing Committee of the international Workshop on Analysis and Numerics of Population dynamics and Epidemics (wANPE08, Udine). In 2010 he is a memebr of the Program Committee of the international Conference 9th IFAC Workshop on Time Delay Systems (TDS2010, Prague, Czech Republic).

Attività di ricerca

The research activity of Dimitri Breda concerns functional equations of retarded, integral, differential, integro-differential and mixed (delay-advance) type and partial retarded reaction-diffusion equations, with applications in several fields of engineering (control theory, tool machining) and population dynamics (structured, epidemics). In particular, he is interested in numerical methods for determining the (robust) stability of either equilibria and periodic orbits through the computation of the spectrum of derivative operators. Recently he is working on Lyapunov exponents for delay equations in product Hilbert spaces and on computing the eigenvalues of Schrodinger operators together with solving the coupled Schrodinger-Poisson problem for MOSFETs.

Progetti di ricerca

Dimitri Breda is a member of PRIN projects in 2004-2006 and in 2008-2010, projects FIRB in 2004-2006 and INdAM-GNCS in 2003-2004. Moreover he is recipient of the GNCS Young Researcher Program both in 2008 and 2009.

Attività di trasferimento dell'innovazione

Dimitri Breda collaborates with industries in the field of automation of processes in 2008-2009.

Attività di formazione

Dimitri Breda teaches Numerical Analysis and Scientific Computing at the Faculty of Science since 2002. He drives laboratory activities of Computer Science at the Faculty of Medicine in 2003-2004. He teaches Numerical Calculus at the SSIS in 2004-2009, being also a member of the Commission for the Final Habilitation both in 2008 and 2009. Since 2007 he is active in the "Lauree Scientifiche" Project, giving seminars and divulgative conferences, and organizing laboratory activities for high school students. In 2009 he organizes two short stages at the Faculty of Science within the same project.

Aree di ricerca della matematica

  • Analisi funzionale e analisi non lineare
  • Analisi numerica
  • Sistemi dinamici