Alessandro De Angelis

Professore ordinario
Stanza: NS7
Telefono: +39 0432 558233

Breve curriculum

Alessandro De Angelis is a high energy physicist and astrophysicist. Full Professor at the University of Udine and the Instituto Superior Tecnico of the University of Lisbon, he is presently director of research at INFN Padua and chairman of the board of the collaboration managing the MAGIC gamma-ray telescope at the European Northern Observatory, La Palma, Canary Islands. Graduated in Padua, he has been staff member of CERN in the 1990s, and has been later among the founding members of the NASA Fermi gamma-ray telescope. His main interest of research is on fundamental physics, especially astrophysics and elementary particle physics at accelerators. His original contributions have been mostly related to calorimetry, advanced trigger systems, QCD, artificial neural networks, and recently to the cosmological propagation of photons. He has written more that 700 research papers, five scientific books, one book of popularization on cosmic rays and several articles in popular scientific magazines. He has been teacher of electromagnetism and astroparticle physics in Italy and Portugal and visiting professor in the ICRR of Tokyo, at the Max-Planck Institute in Munich, and at the University of Paris VI.