Agostino Dovier

Professore ordinario
Stanza: SN19
Telefono: +39 0432 558494

Sito personale:

Breve curriculum

I received my `Laurea' in `Scienze dell'Informazione' (Computer Science) at the University of Udine, and my PhD degree in `Informatica' (again, Computer Science) from the University of Pisa. I was employed as a researcher at the University of Verona and I am currently employed as `associate professor' at the University of Udine. In January 2014 I got the italian "habilitation" as full professor (professore ordinario) of Informatica.

Attività di ricerca

My research interests include: the development and the applications of declarative programming languages with constraints; BioInformatics (in particular the "protein folding problem"); the problem of fast data retrieval in semistructured Databases, and the development and implementation of action languages. I have been member of program committees of more than 50 national and international conferences on declarative programming and I am author or coauthor of more than 100 international publications in reviewed journals or conference proceedings  I am editor of the ALP newsletter and president of the italian Association for Logic Programming. Please, visit my Google Scholar Page.

Progetti di ricerca

I participated as researcher to several italian research projects. Moreover, I have been the national coordinator of a GNCS project on constraints (2005), and  I have been the  Udine coordinator of a FIRB project on protein folding and of the PRIN projects 2005 and 2008 on constraint programming and applications and several other projects involving industry (see details here).

Attività di trasferimento dell'innovazione

This is the main scope of the CLP Lab I'm coordinating (visit it).

Attività di formazione

I have taught several courses and I have been supervisor of more than 90 Laurea or PhD theses. More details can be found in my personal home page.

Aree di ricerca dell'informatica

  • Biologia computazionale
  • Fondamenti dell'informatica
  • Intelligenza artificiale e sistemi esperti
  • Linguaggi di programmazione
  • Logiche, algoritmi e automi
  • Sistemi di basi di dati