TitoloNonlinear thin-walled beams with a rectangular cross-section - Part I
Sottomesso daLorenzo Freddi
Sottomesso il9/11/2010
AutoriLorenzo Freddi, Maria Giovanna Mora, Roberto Paroni
AbstractOur aim is to rigorously derive a hierarchy of one-dimensional models for thin-walled beams with rectangular cross-section, starting from three-dimensional nonlinear elasticity. The different limit models are distinguished by the different scaling of the elastic energy and of the ratio between the sides of the cross-section. In this paper we report the first part of our results. More precisely, denoting by h and δh the length of the sides of the cross section and by εh the scaling factor of the bulk elastic energy, we analyse the cases in which δh/εh ——> 0 (subcritical) and δh/εh ——> 1 (critical).