TitoloNo-tension bodies: a reinforcement problem
Sottomesso daLorenzo Freddi
Sottomesso il5/11/2012
AutoriSara De Faveri, Lorenzo Freddi, Roberto Paroni
AbstractIn this work we show that the framework put forward by Lucchesi, Silhavy and Zani to study the equilibrium con gurations of panels made of no-tension material can be easily extended to the case of a no-tension material with a reinforcing tensile resistant unidimensional material. This kind of bodies could be used to describe reinforced concrete structures. By solving the equilibrium equations we nd a family of solutions each of which is characterized by a singular curve where the stress in the no-tension material concentrates. We show that among these, the curve that minimizes the maximum stress resembles the line tension found experimentally on reinforced concrete beams.