TitoloWeak bisimulations for labelled transition systems weighted over semirings
Sottomesso daMarino Miculan
Sottomesso il15/10/2013
AutoriMarino Miculan, Marco Peressotti
AbstractWeighted labelled transition systems are LTSs whose transitions are given weights drawn from a commutative monoid. WLTSs subsume a wide range of LTSs, providing a general notion of strong (weighted) bisimulation. In this paper we extend this framework towards other behavioural equivalences, by considering semirings of weights. Taking advantage of this extra structure, we introduce a general notion of weak weighted bisimulation. We show that weak weighted bisimulation coincides with the usual weak bisimulations in the cases of non-deterministic and fully-probabilistic systems; moreover, it naturally provides a definition of weak bisimulation also for kinds of LTSs where this notion is currently missing (such as, stochastic systems). Finally, we provide a categorical account of the coalgebraic construction of weak weighted bisimulation; this construction points out how to port our approach to other equivalences based on different notion of observability.