TitoloSemigroup discretization and spectral approximation for linear nonautonomous delay differential equations
Sottomesso daDimitri Breda
Sottomesso il26/1/2010
AutoriDimitri Breda, Stefano Maset, Rossana Vermiglio
AbstractThis paper deals with the approximation of the spectrum of linear and nonautonomous delay differential equations through the reduction of the relevant evolution semigroup from infinite to finite dimension. The focus is placed on classic collocation, even though the requirements that a numerical scheme has to fulfill in order to allow for a correct approximation of the spectral elements are recalled. This choice, motivated by the analyticity of the underlying eigenfunctions, allows for a convergence of infinite order, as rigorously demonstrated through a priori error bounds when Chebyshev nodes are adopted. Fundamental applications such as determination of asymptotic stability of equilibria (autonomous case) and limit cycles (periodic case) follow at once.