Studenti e tesi


  1. Edda Dal Santo. Global existence for a hyperbolic model of multiphase ows with few interfaces (tutor: dr. Baiti)


  1. Pietro Leonardo Cerchiara. On the connection between radio and gamma-ray emission in Active Galactic Nuclei (tutor: prof. De Angelis)
  2. Anna Driutti (tutor: prof. Pauletta)
  3. Daniele Impieri. Characterized subgroups (tutor: prof. Dikranjan)
  4. Palatiello. The Cosmic-ray Electron Spectrum Measured with the MAGIC Telescopes (tutor: prof. Persic)
  5. Alice Spangaro (tutor: prof. Gaudenzi)
  6. Carlo Stella. Comparative Investigation of Silicon Photomultipliers as Possible Photon Detectors for the Cherenkov Telescope Array (tutor: prof. Pauletta)

XXVI Ciclo

  1. Simone Brazzale.  Searching for pair production of top squarks in sqrt(s) = 7 TeV and sqrt(s) = 8 TeV proton-proton collisions and final state swith two leptons at the ATLAS experiment (tutor: prof. Pauletta e Santi) – Dipartimento: Chimica, Fisica e Ambiente
  2. Giuseppe Fera (tutor: prof. Michelini e Santi) – Dipartimento: Chimica, Fisica e Ambiente
  3. Alessio Fiscella (tutor: prof. Gaudenzi e Zanolin) – Dipartimento: Matematica e Informatica: non terminato
  4. Emanuele Frittaion. Reverse Mathematics and partial orders (tutor: prof. Parlamento e Marcone) – Dipartimento: Matematica e Informatica
  5. Manuele Pugliese (tutor: prof. Santi e Michelini) – Dipartimento: Chimica, Fisica e Ambiente
  6. Amos Turchet. Geometric Lang-Vojta Conjecture in P^2 (tutor: prof: Corvaja) – Dipartimento: Matematica e Informatica

XXV Ciclo

  1. Anna Pascoletti. Fixed points for planar twist-maps (tutor: prof. Zanolin) – Dipartimento: Matematica e Informatica
  2. Davide Toller. Markov topologies on groups (tutor: prof. Dikranjan) – Dipartimento: Matematica e Informatica

XXIV Ciclo

  1. Luigi Cossio (tutor: prof. De Angelis) – Dipartimento: Chimica, Fisica e Ambiente
  2. Francesco Dazzi. A new stereoscopic Sum-Trigger-II for the MAGIC Telescopes (tutor: prof. De Lotto) – Dipartimento: Chimica, Fisica e Ambiente
  3. Stefano Vercellati (tutor: prof. Michelini e Santi) – Dipartimento: Chimica, Fisica e Ambiente

XXII Ciclo

  1. Mario Walter Colombo (tutor: prof. Santi)
  2. Alessandro Londero. Elasitc bodies with residual stress: variational models by Γ-convergence (tutor: prof. Lorenzo Freddi)
  3. Andrea Marinatto (tutor: prof. Pietro Corvaja) [*]
  4. Mankuzhiyil Nijil. MAGIC Gamma-ray observations of distant agn and a study of source variability and the extragalactic background light using Fermi and Air Cherenkov telescopes (tutor: prof. Alessandro De Angelis)
  5. Valeria Scapin. Observations of Gamma-ray burst afterglows with the MAGIC Telescope (tutor: prof. Persic)
  6. Dhulipala Venkata Sridhar (tutor: prof. Dario Fasino): non terminato
  7. Nicola Varini. Molecular dynamics simulation of friction phenomena at the atomic scale (tutor: prof. Gilberto Giugliarelli)
  8. Rossana Viola (tutor: prof. Marisa Michelini)
  9. Sergio Zampa (tutor: prof. Dikran Dikranjan): non terminato

XXI Ciclo

  1. Michela De Maria. Searching for intrinsic anisotropies of the universe through the study of Kaon lifetimes (tutor: prof. Alessandro De Angelis)
  2. Francesco De Sabata.  Monte Carlo simulations for the Cerenkov telescope MAGIC II and design of a novel quantum interferometer (tutor: prof. Alessandro De Angelis)
  3. Stéphane Matiz. Convex plane curves, monotonic curvature, evolutes, isochronicity and generalized pendula (tutor: prof. Gianluca Gorni): [*]
  4. Alessanda Mossenta (tutor: prof. Marisa Michelini)
  5. Marina Pireddu. Fixed points and chaotic dynamics for expansive-contractive maps in euclidean spaces, with some applictions (tutor: prof. Fabio Zanolin)

XX Ciclo

  1. Anna Giordano Bruno. Cardinal invariants of topological groups and applications to κ-pseudocompact subgroups (tutor: prof. Dikran Dikranjan)
  2. Oriana Mansutti. Possible evidence for a new light boson from gamma-ray cosmic propagation (tutor: prof. de Angelis)
  3. Lakshmi Burra Subba. Chaotic dynamics in some nonlinear pendulum type equations (tutor: prof. Fabio Zanolin): [*]
  4. Italo Testa (tutor: prof. Michelini)

XIX Ciclo

  1. Francesca Bradamante (tutor: prof. Marisa Michelini)
  2. Erica Bisesi. Indirect search of dark matter in the halos of galaxies. Role of substructures on the signals from dark matter annihilation and prospects for detection of single dark matter clumps with the MAGIC Telescope (tutor: prof. Alessandro De Angelis)
  3. Raffaele Buffa (tutor: prof. Furio Ercolessi)
  4. Tiziano Sandro Lenisa. Studio di Gamma Ray Burts con il telescopio MAGIC (tutor: prof. Barbara de Lotto)
  5. Carlo Eugenio Magagna. A lower bound for the r-order of a matrix modulo N and applications to elliptic curves (tutor: prof. Umberto Zannier)
  6. Sathyanarayan Reddy. Thermobirefringence and thermoplolarizability studies in LiNbO3 using point dipole approximation (tutor: prof. Barbara de Lotto)


  1. Jung-Kyu Canci. Rational preperiodic points for rational maps (tutor: prof. Pietro Corvaja)
  2. Valentina Rossi (tutor: prof. Dikran Dikranjan) [*]
  3. Melisa Rossi (tutor: prof. Giovanni Pauletta)
  4. Alberto Stefanel (tutor: prof. Marisa Michelini)
  5. Giovanni Tarantino (tutor: prof. Marisa Michelini)

XVII Ciclo

  1. Massimo Pin. Real and conventional anisotropy, generalized Lorentz transformations and physical effects (tutor: prof. Alessandro De Angelis)
  2. Yann Walkowiak. Effectivité dans le théorème d’irréductibilité de Hilbert (tutor: prof. Pietro Corvaja)


[*] means Thesis not available because author denied permission