Marco Corbatto

Ph.D Cycle
Antonina Dattolo
Institutional Office Address
SASWEB lab, Gorizia, Phone: +39 0481 580178
Institutional Laboratory Address
Research Project Title
Modeling a Learning Design system based on graphic organizers
Research Project Description
Nowadays we assist to a significant innovation of the teaching practises due to the crisis of the classical teaching approach, the availability of low cost mobile technology and the easy access to global knowledge and information. Learning design systems (LDS) represent valuable tools to support teachers in the delicate task of organizing the teaching-learning activities in active student-centered approaches. There are many active projects in this field, but the available tools do not fulfill all the expectations.
The main four main research direction:

  • The analysis of the current research in this field and the state of the art tools to support the teachers in designing the learning activities.
  • The developing of a repository of Web 2.0 applications by the analysis and the cataloguing of hundred apps. This will be a module of an LDS but will represent also a standalone service to guide users in the discover and evaluation of apps with a great potential in learning activities: for example to support collaborative, cognitive and creative work, for building rich and attractive digital artefacts and to aggregate heterogeneous materials.
  • Investigating the teachers’ needs and expectations from an LDS; subsequent modeling of entities, functionalities and semantic structures to represent the information domain.
  • Investigating and modelling of visual driven interfaces to support a lightweight approach in the design of learning design paths from macro to micro perspectives.