Elena Furlanetto

Elena Furlanetto Ph.D Cycle
Andrea Vacchi
Institutional Office Address
DMIF, Room NS4, Phone: +39 0432 558411
Research Project Title
Advanced Silicon Drift Detectors applied to fundamental physics studies of muonic atoms
Research Project Description
The project I propose foresee the construction and characterization of Silicon Drift Detector (SDD) for the FAMU experiment. During this year there will be the upgrade of the FAMU apparatus to reach the definitive configuration for the final measurement.
In this context I shall contribute to the target update, studying the use of SDD to monitor the intensity of the beam inside the target. The characterization of the SDD will be performed using dedicated simulations and by laboratory measurements.
The study of the positioning of SDD in the target for the final measurement will be carried on using the GEANT4 simulation of the FAMU target.

Project goals

  1. Construction and characterization of SDD for FAMU: the SDD energy resolution has to be good enough to measure the 2 keV line of p de-excitation in the extreme conditions (low temperature, high pressure, hydrogen atmosphere).
  2. Study of SDD in a high rate environment: SDD inside FAMU must collect data on a beam with very high X-rays rate. 2 keV line must be detectable during real acquisition on a beam. Possible applications of SDD lay in experiments of dark matter searches and X-ray astrophysics. This study will permit to further develop both the hardware and the software needed also by other fields of applications.
  3. First time measurement of HFS. SDD will be used in data analysis, allowing to determine precisely the HFS resonance value. Their use will permit to reduce and estimate systematic uncertainties due to the beam flux variations.