Daniela Cirrincione

Ph.D Cycle
Andrea Vacchi
Institutional Office Address
DMIF, Room NS4, Phone: +39 0432 558411
Research Project Title
Development of Silicon Detector for high precision fast X-ray spectroscopy for X-ray astrophysics applications
Research Project Description
The research project has as its primary goal the development of silicon detectors for fast X-ray spectroscopy. In particular, RedSoX Collaboration is working on Silicon Drift Detectors (SDD). This sort of detectors will an excellent energy and spatial resolution. They are mainly used for high precision X-ray spectroscopy.
SDDs have applications in the field of astrophysics, solid state physics, nuclear physics, biophysics and cultural heritage.
The geometry and the constructional features can be adapted to specific use (space satellites and synchrotron beam-lines for example).
Specifically this research project is focusing on the analysis of the characteristics of a pixel drift detector (PixDD) that allows to maintain the typical properties of the drift sensors by adding the fast feature.
Simulations of the device are being performed with dedicated software KDetSim and DevSim. Characterization of PixDD is in progress. This will allow for a detailed analysis of the PixDD and its future developments and prototypes.