Ph.D Cycle XXXIV

Full Name Research Project Title Supervisor
Giuseppe Dilillo Characterization of the HERMES detectors for Gamma Ray Burst observations Andrea Vacchi
Francesco Fabiano
Margherita Galli Modelling the spatial heterogeneity of infectious diseases in sub-Saharan Africa Stefano Merler
Luca Geatti Satisfiability and synthesis techniques for linear temporal logics with different degrees of expressiveness Alessandro Cimatti
Angelo Montanari
Emanuele Scapin


Full Name Research Project Title Supervisor
Yuri De Pra User interfaces with multi-modal feedback for professional appliances Federico Fontana
Alice Donini Monte Carlo simulation and data analysis of sky observation mode with the Cherenkov Telescope Array Barbara De Lotto
Elena Furlanetto Advanced Silicon Drift Detectors applied to fundamental physics studies of muonic atoms Andrea Vacchi
Jacopo Magro Four-top production in the Standard Model and beyond in same-sign dilepton and multilepton final states with the ATLAS experiment Andrea Vacchi
Davide Miceli Study of astrophysical transients with MAGIC experiment Barbara De Lotto
Eleonora Pippia Dynamic models for structural data acquisition in food service appliance Alberto Policriti
Asma Shaheen Algorithms and tools for the analysis of large amounts on neurological data collected from mobile applications Stefano Burigat
Manlio Valenti The higher levels of the Weihrauch hierarchy Alberto Marcone

Ph.D Cycle XXXII

Full Name Research Project Title Supervisor
Alessia Andò Applications of High Performance Computing to models in the field of biomathematics Dimitri Breda
Andrea Brunello Data Mining with temporal aspects Angelo Montanari
Daniela Cirrincione Development of Silicon Detector for high precision fast X-ray spectroscopy for X-ray astrophysics applications Andrea Vacchi
Marco Corbatto Modeling a Learning Design system based on graphic organizers Antonina Dattolo
Mohammed Faraj Four-top production in the Standard Model and beyond in single lepton and opposite-sign dilepton final states with the ATLAS experiment Andrea Vacchi
Marta Fiori Carones Order theory and graph theory in reverse mathematics Alberto Marcone
Oltiana Gjata Qualitative and quantitative aspects in the analysis of conservative systems in electromagnetism models Fabio Zanolin
Ornela Maloku Prediction of the effects of mutations on the stability and interactions of proteins Federico Fogolari
Kevin Roitero Economical Evaluation of Information Retrieval Systems Stefano Mizzaro
Nicolò Zava Coarse Geometry with applications to groups and entropy Dikran Dikranjan

Ph.D Cycle XXXI

Full Name Research Project Title Supervisor
Daniele Buongiorno Optical spectroscopy: a vertical path for conceptual learning Marisa Michelini

Lorenzo Santi

Tobia Dondè Topological methods for dynamical systems and chaos Fabio Zanolin
Nicola Gigante Computational Complexity and Logical Expressiveness of Automated Planning Languages Supporting Temporal Reasoning Angelo Montanari
Alberto Molinari Model Checking for Interval Temporal Logics Angelo Montanari
Andrea Viel Spatio-temporal databases for positioning systems Angelo Montanari

Ph.D Cycle XXX

Full Name Research Project Title Supervisor
Linda Anticoli  Entangλe: a Framework from Quantum Programming to Quantum Model Checking Carla Piazza
Marco Basaldella  Advances in Automatic Keyphrase Extraction Carlo Tasso
Muhammad Alam Eldien Carlo Tasso
Davide Liessi  Pseudospectral Methods for the Stability of Periodic Solutions of Delay Models Dimitri Breda
Michele Peresano  MAGIC telescopes observations at Very Large Zenith angles and the first neutrino-gamma association Barbara De Lotto
Simone Silvetti  Combining Machine Learning and Formal Methods for Complex Systems Design Alberto Policriti
Elisa Sovrano  Nonlinear differential equations having non-sign-definite weights Fabio Zanolin

Ph.D Cycle XXIX

Full Name Research Project Title Supervisor
Dante Degl’Innocenti  Multilingual Keyphrase Extraction and Advanced Localisation Strategies Carlo Tasso
Eddy Maddalena  Crowdsourcing Relevance: Two Studies on Assessment Stefano Mizzaro
Nicola Prezza  Compressed Computation for Text Indexing Alberto Policriti
Luca Rizzi  Adjoint Forms and Algebraic Families Francesco Zucconi