Quando8/5/2018 - 16:00
DoveSala Riunioni
ReferenteDimitri Breda

Asymptotic behaviour of ecological models: reproduction number vs Malthusian parameter

Jordi Ripoll

Universitat de Girona

We review the procedure to derive the basic reproduction number R0 for ecological models of population dynamics. R0, defined as the expected lifetime number of offspring of a newborn individual of the population, determines the asymptotic behaviour of the population, as well as the traditional Malthusian parameter (exponential growth rate of the population). We illustrate [...]

Quando20/4/2018 - 14:30
DoveAula Multimediale
ReferenteCarla Piazza

Verification and Falsification of Continuous and Hybrid Dynamical Systems

Tommaso Dreossi

Dipartimento Electrical Engineering and Computer Science di UC Berkeley

In this talk, we address the problem of determining whether a given dynamical system satisfies a requirement expressed in terms of unsafe regions or Signal Temporal Logic specifications. We will focus on polynomial dynamical systems and more complex hybrid systems (such as Simulink models). The presented methods include reachability analysis techniques based on Bernstein polynomials [...]

Quando20/4/2018 - 11:20
DoveAula 3, secondo piano del Polo Universitario di Santa Chiara, Gorizia
ReferenteAntonina Dattolo

Competenze digitali e nuove professioni

Antonina Dattolo

Laboratorio Sasweb, Università di Udine

Competenze digitali e nuove professioni  nei CdL in Informatica,  Internet of Things, Big Data & Web, Relazioni pubbliche,  DAMS20 aprile, aula 3, secondo piano del Polo Universitario di Santa Chiara, 11.20-13.30– 11.20: saluti della delegata del rettore per il Cego (sede di Gorizia dell’università di Udine) prof.ssa Nicoletta Vasta– 11.25 “Web semantico e Big Data” –  prof.ssa Antonina Dattolo, […]

Quando10/4/2018 - 18:00
DoveSala Riunioni
ReferenteAlberto Policriti

Energy games with perfect and imperfect information

Raffaella Gentilini

Università di Perugia

Games played on graphs are a powerful tool to reason on crucial issues arising in Logic, Formal Methods and Automata theory. In this talk we consider two player games with energy objectives, a quantitative objective targeting the design and synthesis of complex interactive systems under resource-constrained specifications. Beside their own interest in the context of [...]

Quando6/4/2018 - 10:00
DoveSala Riunioni
ReferenteDimitri Breda

Bifurcation analysis of delay differential equations: an introduction to DDE-BIFTOOL by examples

Davide Liessi

PhD in Informatica e Scienze Matematiche e Fisiche

a key part of the study of dynamical systems is the analysis of bifurcations, which is the study of qualitative changes in the number, kind and stability of the orbits as the parameters of the system are changed. DDE-BIFTOOL ( is one of the most famous software packages for performing bifurcation analyses of delay differential equations. [...]