Accessibility of Elearning Material: part 3 “How to make an accessible MS Word – part 2”

Ciclo di seminari con la professoressa Mireia Ribeira Turró – University of Barcelona

“During these 4 workshops, I will describe what are the challenges and the techniques to write accessible digital documents that can be included into elearning platforms so that students with disabilities could use them. The workshops will be focussed on practical issues.”

“I will focus on four aspects:

  • structure

  • image alternatives

  • tables

  • metadata

We will work with a document which will be made accessible at the end of the sessions.”

About the speaker

Mireia Ribera Turrò, Professor of Digital Accessibility, Universitat de Barcelona

Attendance to the workshops is free, and we welcome anybody (professors, students, anybody else) to come.