Accessibility of Elearning Material: part 1 “Accessibility of documents, things to consider, hall of fame and hall of shame”

Ciclo di seminari con la professoressa Mireia Ribeira Turró – University of Barcelona

“During these 4 workshops, I will describe what are the challenges and the techniques to write accessible digital documents that can be included into elearning platforms so that students with disabilities could use them. The workshops will be focussed on practical issues.”

“This session will be planned as a participating workshop, looking for interventions from attendants.
In this session I will introduce how different users and same users in different contexts “use” documents in different ways: without colors, enlarged, with captions or simply listening. I will introduce different user profiles and relate them to common technical aids. From this I will gather from the audience the required features of a “perfect” document from the point of view of maximum flexibility and adaptability, and together we will derive requirements of accessible documents. Finally I will show some examples of flexible documents and some examples of badly designed documents.”

About the speaker

Mireia Ribera Turrò, Professor of Digital Accessibility, Universitat de Barcelona

Attendance to the workshops is free, and we welcome anybody (professors, students, anybody else) to come.