A new view of space time

prof. B. G. Sidharth

Founder Director General B.M.Birla Science Centre, Adarshnagar, Hyderabad (India), Advisor and Prof. Theoretical Physics, Santa Rita Univ. Florence, Italy

Einstein‘s geometry of special relativity was based on the Michaelson Morley experiment. This leads to the imposition of a maximal velocity which was a huge departure from Newtonian mechanics in which infinite velocity is possible. Then came the various science fiction effects like time dilatation, space contraction and so on. We adopt a different view point, namely, non-commutated space time. This concept comes if there is a limit to the smallness of space and time. This has the advantage of overcoming the ugly infinity in quantum field theory. We point out that this requirement leads to a maximal velocity and consider a practical situation where this holds good.